g r o u p   t h e r a p y
SOAR: a group for survivors of abuse + rape
Sexual trauma often leaves us feeling alone, unworthy, ashamed, and broken. In SOAR, you will meet with other survivors who feel the same way, and process these feelings in a safe, supportive environment.
You will also learn about the healing process and discover what moving forward can look like for you.
Note: this group is open to all women and non-binary/gender non-conforming individuals.

Group is on Wednesday evenings starting June 5.
$40 per session.

If you are interested in joining SOAR, please complete the form below.
All members are required to meet with the group facilitators prior to attending their first SOAR group.
Full name
How would you prefer to be contacted?
Have you ever been in group therapy before?
Do you identify as a survivor of sexual trauma?
How did you hear about the SOAR group?
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